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Intake Packet

Intake Packet


Supervised and Therapeutic Visitation

Intake Packet

Welcome to the Alcove. The Alcove is a safe place for children and families to reconnect and strengthen bonds. Our goal is to provide a positive visitation experience for you and your child in a relaxed, friendly setting. We look forward to our partnership with your family.

Please take a moment to review the intake packet prior to session.

At the intake you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Driver’s license or valid picture identification
  • Motor vehicle information

If applicable

  • Court documentation
  • Visitation agreement
  • Restraining order
  • Divorce decree

Due to the high volume of intakes we ask that you make every effort to arrive on time for your intake/orientation meeting. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be rescheduled

Intake appointment does not guarantee an agreement of services.


Services will take place at The Alcove Center 376 Tilton Rd. Rear Northfield NJ 08225. The Alcove does not provide transportation at this time, and will not arrange meetings outside of our center. Please consult NJ transit for busing information. 

Types of Visitations

The Alcove provides two types of visitations decided by the authorizing authority. All visitations will be documented and a closing summary will be provided to requesting authority.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is where an appointed staff member will act as a monitor to assure the safety of all individuals. The monitor will allow the parent and child to bond in a safe and nurturing environment. The monitor may interrupt, or stop a visit at any time for safety concerns.

Therapeutic Visitation

Therapeutic visitation is supervised by a professional monitor. The professional is seen as part of your family treatment team providing insight, best practice, education and information to the family during the visit. The professional monitor may offer suggests throughout the visit, or recommendations on further service.

Case Acceptance

After a referral is made both parents should contact the center to schedule an intake.

All individuals referred for services will be seen regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, marital status or ability to pay

Not all cases will be accepted. Grounds for refusal may vary.

Terminating Services

The Alcove Center reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate services at any time regardless of court order. All parties will be notified in the event services are terminated. Grounds for termination are as follows, but not limited to

  • Poor attendance, tardiness, or inconsistency of visitation from any party
  • Failure to comply with court orders.
  • Failure to comply with The Alcove Center’s agreement to services.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs by any party involved in visitation
  • Threatening or aggressive behavior toward Alcove Staff or any party involved in visitation

Third Party exchange

Third Party exchanges must be arranged at intake. All individual’s transporting a child must present proper photo ID at exchange and meet with program director prior to visit.

Third Party must adhere to policies and sign confidentiality forms

Additional parties

All additional participants must be approved by all parties prior to visit and discussed with staff at least 48 hours before visit.

Drug and Alcohol policy

At no time should any individual attend a visitation or meeting at the Alcove under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a staff member suspects drug or alcohol use during sessions the visit will be stopped immediately and further visitation will be subject to cancellation.

If there are allegations of drug and alcohol use an individual must be in treatment or have a completed evaluation prior to first visitation.

Attendance policy

Consistency is an important factor in visitation and reunification for all parties. If either parent is a no show, meaning no phone call or attempted contact to the office, visits will stop immediately and will require a case consultation prior to continuing. In the event that visits are rescheduled more than twice throughout the life of the case, visits will be paused and a consultation with the program director will be required to prevent any further delay in visitation.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to scheduled visitation. Cancellations by either party, custodial or non-custodial parent, may be made by phone to the Alcove Center as well as to all parties involved in visitation. In the event that a visit is cancelled more than twice throughout the life of a case, a consultation with the program director will be required to continue care.


The role of the Alcove staff is to facilitate a safe, protected and nurturing environment for all parties. The staff is to monitor all interactions when children are present. A non-custodial parent is not to be unattended with a child at any time. If a child is not able to attend to the bathroom alone, the parent may assist with the monitor’s supervision.   In an effort to promote a stress free visit for all children please do not attempt to take your child out of the view of the monitor, also whispering and quiet talk is discouraged as it fosters an environment of distrust.

The staff will make no recommendations or participate in discussions concerning parenting conflicts or marital issues during visitations. Parents are discouraged from discussing court case or parental conflicts with monitor during visitation.

Terminating Services

The Alcove staff has the right to refuse visits, end visits or interrupt a visit at any time. All disruptions of visits will be discussed by phone with program director, not at time of visit. This is to ensure a safe and positive environment for all children and families in attendance.

Children’s rights

The primary purpose of visitation is to strengthen the bond between families in a secure environment. The Alcove will support families through transitions by allowing children to have ownership of their feelings. At the Alcove children have the right to:

  • Honest information
  • A stress free environment
  • Family
  • Consistency
  • Their feelings
  • Curiosity
  • Safety

Please be respectful of your child’s process through this difficult time.

Motor Vehicle information

All motor vehicle information will be provided at time of intake to ensure safety of all members.


Your information will remain confidential, with the following exceptions:

Exception #1: If we learn that someone with whom we are working has a specific intent to bring harm to himself/herself, we reserve the right to inform other family members and to make appropriate referrals, if necessary.

Exception #2: If there is a suspicion of any physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect.

Exception #3: If we have reason to be concerned about the drug and/or alcohol use or We reserve the right to inform the proper authority

Exception #4: If information is ordered by the court, including a subpoena, we will attempt to contact you about the order. If you oppose the release, the court may nevertheless require compliance with the order.

Exception #5: If we learn that someone participating in the program might commit a violent act, we may take steps to protect the intended victim against such danger or inform police, or both.

Reporting and documentation

The Alcove is required to document visitation in accordance with practice standards. Individuals and family members will not be provided with documentation. Authorizing authorities will be provided with closing summary including staff recommendations.

Incident reporting

If a parent does not adhere to Alcove policies and procedures an incident report will be generated and forwarded to all concerning parties, i.e., custodial parent, non-custodial parent, authorizing authority.


Visits are meant to be a time for you to continue or reestablish your relationship with your child. In the event you have any concerns regarding the Alcove policies, procedures, or staff please address by phone to program director during normal business hours. This is meant to ensure a positive experience for your child and not to disrupt your time together. At no time will a child be left unattended at the Alcove. Children left unattended will generate an immediate call to the proper authority. All New Jersey residents are mandatory reporters of abuse and neglect; if a safety concern should arise the staff will report to the proper authorities.

Ground rules

Visitations are designed to foster a supportive and nurturing relationship between you and your child. We ask that you adhere to several ground rules in an effort to best support your family.

  • Please limit cell phone use during visits. Cell phone use can be distracting and create an environment of distrust
  • Be aware that the transition between custodial and non-custodial parent can be stressful for all parties, please adhere to the monitor’s guidance at the time of exchange.
  • Please do not interview your child. Visitation is a time to strengthen your relationship, avoid asking interrogating questions concerning the or custodial or noncustodial parent or any court related issues
  • Please do not take your child out of the view of the monitor
  • Know that visitations can be difficult for both the child and the parent; allow your child to express their feelings, and allow time for adjustment.
  • Families are encouraged to bring projects, share stories and items from their everyday life. Keeping informed of your child’s routine, and having your child informed of yours reduces feelings of insecurity.
  • Because right now is a chaotic time for your family, please refrain from making future promises with your child. Instead focus on the present moment and avoid discussing plans going forward.
  • Please make every effort to arrive on time. A delay in service can cause unnecessary stress to a child and make the transition more difficult.
  • Visitation should be a positive experience, please be respectful to all parties including the monitor, and Alcove staff.
  • As a parent you are required to meet the needs of your child during the visit. The Alcove will not provide any resources such as change of clothes, diapering, food, etc. Parents are encouraged to bring needed items to visit. The Alcove is not responsible for monitoring or enforcing dietary restrictions unless medically authorized and documented.
  • Please be respectful of the space provided. Please clean up after yourself and your child, and dispose of trash in appropriate receptacle. Please smoke in designated area.

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